Monday, May 17, 2010

Probably the only teaching blog that has ever started in May

Ok, so I think I want to make a real go of this blogging thing (boy do I sound old...maybe even older than I actually am). I've blogged for a grad school class and for my own personal journal keeping, but I have yet to share any of this with the general public.

The thing is, I have found that there are just too many incredible math teachers out there not only doing innovative and thoughtful things in their classroom, but finding the time to share and talk about these ideas with others.

I have a selfish desire to be part of that.

I am also going to be embarking on a very new experience next year: teaching and research.

While I've been learning to teach math for 11 years, I'm now lucky to have the opportunity to teach and conduct research (for my dissertation) and I have a feeling I'm going to want/need input from whomever is interested.


  1. My first comment will be to suggest that you link this to the series that Steven Strogatz did on the NYTimes. After all, linking your blog is the best way to get more readers.

  2. Mine started in March.

    You have at least one subscriber!

  3. I live in the Bay Area, and am curious what school you're working with. If you're willing to chat, I'm at mathanthologyeditor on gmail.

    Have you read about Benezet's experiment?

  4. Avery - good to see this. I don't have any great suggestions for you, but it looks interesting and thought-provoking. . . .